Powerful ~ Exquisite ~ Intoxicating

Susannah Mirana is an Australian singer, artist and international performer. Known for her incredible voice, great versatility and stage presence her shows are compelling, dynamic and inspired.

Constantly experimenting and evolving, Susannah has spent the past twenty years working with the best in the industry. She has mastered an impressive range of musical styles to thrilling effect. It’s the combination of an incredible voice, all-round ability and a natural charm which make her such a commanding artist.

A consummate performer, comfortable with audiences of any size, from small rooms to magnificent theatres, Susannah has performed for Prime Ministers, Royalty, and at major sporting events, and has been the support act for iconic Australian artists including Darryl Braithwaite.

A multi-faceted ‘chameleon-like’ artist, her classical-trained voice provides for a diverse body of work ranging from cabaret to rock, alt pop/rock to jazz.

International Shows

Susannah’s cabaret shows have garnered praise from industry peers and audiences alike and she has become a successful guest entertainer on international cruise lines.

Moulin Roque

An original concept, conceived and produced by Susannah, ‘Moulin Roque' is a Dark World Cabaret show. It draws upon years of her experience and ‘genre-hopping’ to deliver a multi-faceted performance via an eclectic mix of alternative rock and new wave music. Currently seen in leading venues. Not to be missed.

Radio and TV

With an insatiable thirst for challenge and expansion, she widened her fields of experience to include 6 years of radio announcing and TV presenting. This led to regular voice-over work which continues today.