On august the 4th 2000, Dean Vegas returned home from Canada to a heroes welcome, with media and fans everywhere. They had all come to see the world’s no. 1 Elvis tribute artist. A great achievement for an Australian. Dean Vegas was also presented the Queensland Clubs’ awards for best show of the year 2000. Dean also took out best Australian tribute artist for 2002 at the Wintersun Rock n Roll tribute awards.

In July 2000 Dean was the only Australian to travel to Canada & compete in the annual Collingswood Elvis Festival, the biggest of its kind outside the USA. Dean took out 1st place & was also awarded the prestigious “E Award” which is nominated by all other Tribute artist, to the person who best depicts Elvis. “Congratulations goes out to all the organizers & volunteers at the festival for a job well done. Each & everyone of you should be proud of yourselves. Plus a big thank you to all the Canadian people in Collingwood for their hospitality & support while I was in their country. Thank you for making me feel at home”- Dean Vegas -

Dean has performed internationally, wowing audiences with his Tribute to Elvis spectacular. Throughout this energized ‘Vegas style’ show, audiences not only share the hits from Elvis’ amazing career, but experience the passion and warming personality of a truly great performer. Dean continues to break house attendance records night after night as his popularity grows at an astonishing rate. The demand for the show sent Dean into the sound studios and he has released a CD of his own songs including a dedication to Elvis titled “Rapping with the King”. Over the past 3 years, Dean has performed in Las Vegas, Canada, Lebanon, Memphis, Bali, Indonesia and Tonga. He has appeared in television commercials across Australia, including the Rock Building Society in Rockhampton, Brisbane Extra, Bronco’s Football Club & had the lead role as Elvis in commercial to name just a few. Most recently he starred in the Franklin’s Big Fresh commercial aired through out the eastern states. He has been an invited guest on numerous prime time television & radio shows all over Australia & abroad. During Dean’s tour through the US in August last year, he was invited to audition as co-host for a new American television show and was the first Aussie to co-host the new Pop across America show, launched on television throughout the US in mid September 2001. Dean Vegas is Australia’s only official Elvis marriage celebrant.

Sadly we no longer have the opportunity to see the real Elvis.

Dean Vegas is the closest you will ever get!

The reviews say it, and you will too. There is a world of Elvis impersonators. There is only one Dean Vegas, the world’s No. 1 Elvis Tribute Artist.